What makes a corndog inedible? 

What makes a corndog inedible? 

This is my life, and as a parent to three with Autism, I deal with this stuff every single meal, of every single day. My goal with this post is to help put into context, what both people with Autism and their families or caregivers, deal with. 

The pictures below are just one example of how sensory processing disorder and Autism can impact things like eating. 

These are more dramatic examples because the imperfections are much more obvious. Many times however, the imperfections are much more subtle and only noticeable to one Mr. Emmett. 

I can see why he sees this as a problem but it in no way impacts the corndog. 

In his eyes, this is absolutely inedible and he would never dream of actually consuming this, regardless of how hungry he is.

What many people don’t understand, is people like Emmett may view this corndog like the rest of us would a cat turd in the litter box. It sounds dramatic but as any parent who’s child struggles like this and they’ll likely agree. 

There is no chance of help him work through this, because he will go hungry before eating the corndog pictured above. 

How many out there can relate to this? 

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