BREAKING NEWS – Major progress made in the transition to home IVIG

I received a phone call today from a company that is likely to be the one that will be supplying the medication, pump and nursing staff to train us how to do the home IVIG infusion for Gavin.

She explained the process and answered about 20 minutes worth of my questions.

I learned that because of the amount of medication that he needs, he may have 3 or 4 lines running into his belly at the same time. 


These are all sub-q injections but Gavin is going to freak out and I can’t see any way around that.  I’m not sure that I can blame him though.  Can you? 

This process will take roughly 2 hours and have to be done once a week. 

We will have to do this while Elliott and Emmett are at school because Gavin will be at the very least be anxious and most likely really upset.  Having the other boys here will only add to the stress, not to mention freak them out as well.

Our plan is to make this a special time for Gavin. We want him to be comfortable and almost look forward to these treatments.

In theory, he should tolerate this process better but there is a downside, depending on how he handles it.  This procedure will potentially leave painful, itchy welts and this is the kind of thing that will really bother Gavin. 

Regardless, this is a very positive turn of events.  All we have to do is wait for insurance to approve this particular company and we’re a go.

Fingers crossed………

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  • Celeste Johnson says:

    Mixed blessing for sure. Hoping it all gets approved soon and this hurdle turns out to be not as big as expected.

  • EllenBeck says:

    Hoping it all works out for you all!

  • Janet Meliti says:

    Fantastic Happy for ya.

  • Elle Hansen says:

    Been here. Done this. Got the tshirt. Clear calamine lotion and soda baths helped me with the itching. As far as the actual pokes go, if you pull up on or rub the skin above the injection site at the moment of injection he might not feel it as much or at all. Good luck Gavin and family!