More Fu@king Homework Problems – Crazy…I think I’m going to go crazy

Tuesday night Gavin was unable to finish his Math homework because he couldn’t figure out a problem, who’s answer was required for the subsequent questions.

It’s been far too long since I’ve done these and so I’m not much help.  Lizze is in the same boat. 


We signed his paper and wrote a note that we told Gavin to ask for help when he got to school on Thursday, as Wednesday was a snow day. 

To make sure he remembered, I reminded him three times before school and once again as he was getting out of the car when I dropped him off at school. 

Fast-forward half a day……

When I picked the boys up from school, I did the routine of asking them about their days.

I typically ask Gavin last because it’s a bit more complicated with him.  The good news was that all the boys had a great day at school.  We all high fived and I shared how proud I was. 

Out of curiosity, I asked Gavin how it went when he asked his teacher for help on his Math paper.  That’s when things went down hill, quite rapidly and he began fumbling over his answers.  I asked him to calm down because I simply wanted to make sure he go the help he needed…

When we got home, Lizze was waiting to welcome the boys and unfortunately, she got drafted into this conversation.

After a bit of freaking out, several different stories and the shattering of my sanity, Gavin finally admitted that he not only never asked for help, he didn’t even bother to turn his assignment in….

First of all, he’s always asking for help at school, so being afraid to ask isn’t the issue. 

He also didn’t forget to either.  He simply didn’t want to and his reasoning for this was never learned.  However, the problem still remains that he didn’t turn his homework in. 

As a result this will count as a zero and be yet another assignment he simply didn’t turn in. 

As a result of him not turning in his homework, he lost his tablet for the day.  For lying to us about this, he earned oatmeal for dinner. 

For those questioning our handling of this, you need to understand that this isn’t about Gavin being Autistic.  Autism is the very least of his challenges.  He’s very, very manipulative and when he gets caught he gets really, really angry. 

I’m hoping for a better day on Friday.  All he has to do is turn in his homework and that’s a step in the right direction.

On a positive note, I’m working on a post about something really awesome that Gavin did the other day.  This was really cool and I’m so incredibly proud of him.  Stay tuned…. 🙂

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Raynette Jones

you know my opinion screw the homework he has other issues

Carlye Read

Going through the exact same thing right now…

Janet Meliti

thinking of you all as I always do these days. Prayers and hugs in this difficult situation hopefully it gets better so sorry that this is still so hard.