The crazy sh!t – Find out why my son with #Autism doesn’t like his teacher

I was taking the  is to school this morning and I asked Emmett if he liked his new teacher that started yesterday.

Me: Emmett, how do you like your new teacher?

Emmett: She’s good.  No, she’s awesome!!

Me: Really? I’m sooooo happy to hear that Emmett!!

Emmett: I like her so much better than the one we had last week.
Me: I know the teacher only lasted a week but wasn’t she nice too?
Emmett: No….. I didn’t like her hair. It freaked me out..

Me: You didn’t like her hair? What was wrong with her hair?

Emmett: It was crazy Dad.  That’s all I’m gonna say….

I just about drove into a snow drift because I was laughing so hard.  Every day I find myself marveling in the way Emmett’s mind works. 

I hope you find this as amusing as I did.. šŸ™‚


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funny i needed the laugh

Maria Stevens

The little things sure do mean a lot! My son needs his hair to be “handsome”. He’s 6. šŸ™‚

Charlette Nalls

Perception is everything to someone with autism. It really doesn’t matter how we see it. How they see it is what drives them.

Lori Morton

Love it.

Tammy Hammonds Patrick


Sharing Stories Support Page

Awesome thank you for making me smile today.:)

Dee Brake

that is priceless

Tammy Wagar

Awesome! My son is freaked out by guys with long hair…especially if they shake their head. He’s fine if they leave it in a ponytail tho.

Pamela Smith Gaskin

LOL… That’s funny


*giggle* That’s hilariousā€¦ The way kids in general see the world is really something else, but throw autism into the mixā€¦ Oh boy! (=

Lost and Tired

ksluisĀ robinsonfruitbatĀ jlcrd77Ā  I’m glad everyone enjoyed this as much as I did. Ā Kids are just amazing aren’t they…


Hey there this is Keegan again from the Sluis academy. Its crazy how children with autism focus in on something like his teachers hair! quite hilarious that someones hair can change his whole opinion about who they are an decide whether or not he likes them or not! i definitely enjoyed this post!


That is so funny. The other day my Autistic child was particularly nasty toĀ his 3 year old brotherĀ and pulled his hair which was awful. I lost it and shouted at him and was not proud of that. A few minutes later my AutisticĀ child who is 5Ā said he and I should both go for some down time to chill out. It made me smile despite what had just happened.


we had a teacher back some years that my son told me he couldn’t pay attention to. when I asked why? he said Because she has crazy eyes.
He wasn’t wrong.