Because You Asked – This is what #manic looks like

I wanted to update you on how Gavin’s doing in regards to his struggle with bipolar disorder.  If you recall, I’ve been talking about how Gavin’s been manic (See family friendly video below).

He’s been this way for at least the last 2 months and it’s been quite challenging.

However, the last couple of days have brought with it a welcome change.  His mood seems to have finally stabilized and that’s definitely a blessing. 

Many of you have asked me to show you some pictures of his room when he’s manic and when he’s not manic.  I walked into his room tonight and his room was once again spotless.  This is sorta how we can confirm that his mood has finally found its equilibrium… 🙂

This picture shows what his room has looked like while he was manic….


This picture shows what his room looks like, now that his mood has stabilized…..


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  • Tami Herb Simon says:

    all I can say is WOAH!

  • Lost and Tired says:

    Tami Herb Simon did you see the before and after shots?

  • Janet Meliti says:


  • billmill says:

    That’s what my non-manic teenager’s room looks like, too. And my kid’s mood is all over the place. 
    Seems like typical teenager stuff.

  • Michael Ridgway says:

    My son Max goes thru this all the time.

  • @billmill in Gavin’s case it means he’s manic. All people are different.

  • billmill says:

    How do you know it’s a result of manic behavior, and not typical teenager stuff?