Feeling utterly hopeless and heartbroken

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I’m sitting here in my living room, watching Gavin. My heart is breaking because it’s painfully obvious that Gavin has regressed to a point where there is no denying it…

He’s become so simple and no longer seems to possess the capacity for more complex thought. 🙁


There’s no other words to describe this other than utterly heartbreaking. There’s no way for us to know whether or not this regression is ever going to stop. It’s already progressed this far already.

I worry about this all the time but there is nothing we can do about it.  It’s heartbreaking and leaves me feeling utterly hopeless.

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  • Melissa Zewe says:

    just remember you are a great dad with a great son. None of this is easy and you are never alone. We are all here for you

  • Frances Luna says:

    :(As a special needs parent to a handsome little boy with autism I can honestly say I feel your pain. Our lives are roller coasters of highs and lows. My little dude regresses and he progresses then loses some of what he’s learned…it’s always up and down. Somethings always changing…but the one constant thing is the unconditional love we have for our little kiddos…and the fact that we will never give up on them. I’ll pray for you and all of us. I don’t know you personally but i love reading your blogs…you are a great parent and try your best with your family to do everything for your child.Live to day and always look at the positive something to look forward to…stay strong!

  • Kris Rollins says:


  • robinsonfruitbat says:

    Really feel for you, sometimes you just wonder how much more sh!t there can be then, wham, there you go have some more. I will pray for you and your family at this difficult time.

  • Clo says:

    Can I give you a virtual hug, its not much, but its there if you need it.

  • robinsonfruitbat @Clo Thank you both so much. I appreciate your compassion and kindness. It helps…… 🙂

  • Lucie Aiston says:

    So sorry to hear this! 🙁 I am new to your blog. Will check out your posts
    Lucie (Mum of an Autistic son)

  • Lost_and_Tired says:

    katgeorgechu thanks 🙂