I went on a date with my wife tonight

I went on a date with my wife tonight

Lizze and I actually had a night out without the kids.  It was pretty frickin awesome. We had to run a few errands but then went out dinner at Max and Erma’s before doing to see Anchorman 2.

The movie was only a dollar and we had a really good time. 
Lizze and I haven’t actually been on a real date in a long time.  We have to thank her parents for taking the boys tonight and my parents for letting us borrow the car. 

I truly think it does Lizze a world of good to not only get out but actually have fun.  She wore a smile all evening and I haven’t seen that in a really, really long time. 

I’m so grateful that we had this opportunity and truly enjoyed the time alone with my wife…  🙂


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Lost and Tired

Catalytic  thank you for understanding and being so supportive.  I really do appreciate it.  🙂

Lost and Tired

@tgifridays  We’ve never received cash assistance.  We don’t help with groceries but I also started a new job.


@tgifridays  Are you crazy! How about it isn’t any of your business. This is America. We are “allowed” to do anything we want within the law. If you have a problem with how your tax dollars are spent then run for public office and change the law. The place to ask your “honest question” would be your public official that you voted for, which I would assume would have been your best choice,  that put the law in effect or didn’t change it, on how the tax money should be used. Again, if you don’t think that the money is used appropriately, by all means run for office and win and change the law. Also, feel free to send a gift card for $50 to their PO Box and then they can go out to eat on your dime and I am sure you would be happy to help this family since you feel you are helping by giving your opinion. Thanks in advance for the gift card. Your choice of place to eat since it is America and we are free!


@tgifridays  Actually, it isn’t a great topic.  If you’ve read Rob’s blog for any length of time, you’d know this is not something that happens often.  Have you ever been a caregiver?  How about a caregiver to 4 folks with issues/problems?  It’s extremely stressful, and I don’t begrudge ANYONE a small break, even if they’re on welfare.  
Just to be clear, my family is not on welfare, nor has it ever been.  Due to some extenuating circumstances, we haven’t been able to afford to eat out in a couple of years.  We pay a small fortune in taxes, so I’m very sure some of it goes to those on welfare.
We, fortunately, have a light at the end of our tunnel.  I’m sure many days Rob wonders if there’s a light at the end of his.
Be thankful you can afford to pay taxes to help Rob’s family, but this is the wrong family to be judging for one meal out.  Judge those who could work, who send their perfectly healthy kids to school every day and then sit on their butts enjoying your taxes.  THOSE are the ones you should be asking this question of, I’m sure you could find them at the nearest McDonald’s.


This raises a great topic:
While the movie was only a dollar, dinner was probably 40 or 50.
Do you think a family that’s receiving welfare should be allowed to eat out? The tax payers are providing you with funds to allow your family to not starve. Should some of that money be used to dine out, while many of the same tax payers can’t afford to?
Honest question.

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