A weekend full of #meltdowns and #SPD

We are currently heading into day 5 of a 5 day weekend.  Lizze and I had an amazing break from everything on Saturday.  The rest of the time however, had us facing quite a few Emmett John meltdowns. 

He was stressing out over everything..

We had a few Minecraft related meltdowns and a whole lot of sensory related meltdowns as well. 

I suspect the largest contributing factor here is change.  Emmett doesn’t like change and recently, he’s been forced to face more than his share. 


There’s been snow days, teachers coming or going and this extra long weekend.  The poor kids routine is all shot to hell and he doesn’t know up from down. 

I’m really hoping with his new teacher finally having started, regular five day school weeks ahead and the triumphant return of his routine, things, will sorta go back to our our special brand of normal.

Hang in there Emmett, things are going to get better.

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Elizabeth Simmons

Those are tough and I know it makes you guys tired…my guy has a severe T B I….so meltdowns are part of our life

Heather Irene LeGendre

deep breath…….. school tomorrow 🙂

Kariman Shama

Meltdowns here too 🙁