The boys went to school without much problem

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The boys got off to school without much problem.  Emmett refused to go for a little while but Lizze was able to talk him off the ledge. 

I drove them to school and everyone was in a good mood and feeling positive about the day.

Thank God…… That’s all I can say…. Thank God.


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  • rjones22 says:

    i am so glad they got off to school. I took my son today to get his ivig but he couldnt get it because he had to have his pneuomnia shot that he should have gotten after transplant 10 years ago. once again Childrens Hospital screwed up. Its ok. we have to wait four weeks so they can do the bloodwork again to see if he shows titers for the vacine. then we go back again to get ivig ugh.

  • 1bchambers says:

    RippDemUp Lost_and_Tired lol “Thank God is all I can say.” Love this site!