Autism Update…..

Autism Update…..

Today has been. Yeah it’s just been. Lizze went to Gavin’s therapist tonight and took ER. We have been having him evaluated as we go along to make sure he is doing ok with everything else going on around him. Well today he was evaluated again and she thinks ER may also be autistic. I swear to God if I had any hair left I would pull it all out. She believes that he is very high functioning aspergers. She doesn’t think it will interfere much with life though. He also looks to have ADHD which we assumed would be the case since Lizze has that. It is important to know the difference so if need be it can be treated.

On to Gavin. She wants Gavin tested for Fragile X. It’s a form of autism prone to rages. Makes a lot of sense. He actually had a pretty good day at school and a decent day at home. He only has like a week and a half of school left. We are looking into summer camps for him now.

EJ is next on the list for updates. We will be having EJ tested for Fragile X also. Dr. Patti says she can absolutely see EJ having Fragile X. Again it makes sense. EJ rages all the time.

I’m going to be eating junk food tonight. I don’t drink or I’d probably do that.


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Man oh man, enough already!!! You guys need some good news for a change.i'm kinda speechless right now, and that don't happen very often.Hard not to start thinking why me?? Definitely in our prayers guys….Lets hope they are wrong, you guys deserve a break!!

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