Totally off topic – Does anyone drink coconut water?

Does anyone out there know anything about coconut water? I keep hearing some really good things about it but wondered if anyone has any first hand experience or knowledge…

Is it as healthy as I’ve been reading?


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  • MrMiller23 says:

    Lost_and_Tired – I can’t say that I do, no. Should I?

  • aspiesmom says:

    Lost_and_Tired drank it off tree as a kid in Miami;) VitaCoco bottled kind is glutenfree. Glutenfree/caseinfree diet fixed son’s gut issues

  • WondHerful says:

    mommye Lost_and_Tired …I tried. I just can’t. My taste buds revolt against the aftertaste.

  • celebratedco says:

    mommye I sampled it at Costco & almost spit it out. I hated it. Idk if it was the particular brand or what but ew… Not for me!

  • samantha3050 says:

    mommye Lost_and_Tired I enjoy it in a hot day or after a workout. The flavors are good but I like Au Natural

  • rjones22 says:

    i havent tried it. dr oz says it is good for ya

  • KimGebhardt says:

    I’ve had it one time and did feel energized afterward, but it was the most horrible tasting stuff.  It made my mouth sad.

  • reonyea says:

    I’ve heard good things about it, but to me it tastes like evil must taste!