I got to sleep in......until 6am -

I got to sleep in……until 6am

The boys and I are up already this fine Sunday morning..  Thankfully our day began around 6am and not too much earlier.

I’m hoping today will be quiet and perhaps on the relaxing side of things. ..


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good. i slept in too. then got the awful surprise i have never had happen but feared but not constant. I was going to take my dog out and i put my shoes on and there was a dead bug in it. i knew it was a bug as soon as i felt it and i was ok till i dumped my shoe out and then there he was dead but a bug nevertheless and i FREAKED OUT. I cant handle bugs dead or alive and have a childhood fear of them because we had so many in our house a a child. to this day, the first person to get paid is the bug man lol. The reason I am saying all of this is that i passed my sons room as I realized that there was a bug (how i knew it was a bug i dont know) in my shoe and he says i said, there is a bug in my shoe really calmly, then took off my shoe and shook him out and saw him and started freaking out, crying immediately, doing the oh my God, really no cuss words this time but you would think I just had gotten some horrible news or something. He said it was weird because for the five seconds that I KNEW there was a bug in my shoe with my foot in it, i was ok then as soon as i saw it i started freaking out but then after a couple of minutes i stopped all my craziness (crying and all) and took the dog out. He said he has seen me on the phone with drs, pharmasist, insurance people  etc and have ended up crying, yelling, screaming etc and then get off the phone and stop being crazy immediately and go do whatever needed to be done. He said (which I didnt know he thought) he knew sometimes it was real but sometime he thought i was faking being crazy (crying, cussing, hysterical etc) on the phone sometimes because I could turn it off just like that. i explained to him, it was a skill to turn it off like that, but it was a very hard one. even though i couldn’t help the crying, screaming, cussing, whatever it was, i knew that i couldnt keep doing it as i had to go on with life (He has been sick for 10 years and he quit crying about the pain etc after about a month!!! ) As soon as i got off the a terrible phone call, I might have had to call a customer and sell them something. How tramatic is that. but i had to work. we had to have somewhere to live, I couldnt help being so upset at the time, but i knew i had to calm down to keep going. Isn’t that weird? Also, a good reason to quit crying as it does no good is that it messes up my contacts and they are extended wear and expensive and it ruins them. Thanks for your blog so i could say all this even though it got off topic. i am ok now

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