Feeling Demoralized, Defeated and Abandoned

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Lizze is feeling pretty demoralized right now because it seems that everything she’s doing and trying do isn’t enough for this doctor to help her with her depression. 

One of my readers had a really good idea. 

If he’s so concerned about her not continuing treatment, why not give her one month worth of meds at a time? In order to get her refill, she has to see him for it..


That makes so much sense.  It ensures that she gets the help she needs and helps him to feel like she’s going to keep coming back….

At this point, Lizze is feeling very demoralized,  defeated and abandoned.  She’s not sure she wants to return to Cleveland now.  I honestly can’t say that I blame her. 

I think we are going to work with her case manager to locate a doctor that can help her and is perhaps local. 

She and I will have to talk about this because neither one of us like changing doctors, unless it’s necessary. At the same time, if this doctor isn’t a good fit, then it may be time to cut our losses and move forward with someone else. 

I’m pretty frustrated right now because while I don’t share every single detail of what is going on in Lizze’s life, I know how hard she’s working right now to get through this and for someone in a position to help her, essentially refusing to do so, is pretty messed up. 

I’m so proud of what she’s accomplishing on her own right now.  That said, she can only do so much without help. 

Nothing is ever easy… 🙁

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raynette jones

hang in there. y’all are doing what you are supposed to do. a rigid doctor doesn’t sound like what you need anyway. please tell lizzie i said she is great and hang in there. rob thanks for all you do for your family

Nancy Ragusa

Changing Dr.s can be so very difficult, but who knows? Maybe it will turn out for the best. Sending all good love for you, Lizzie, Gavin and the 2 E’s. You are due for a much needed break!


FYI, you might see if the county mental heath agency can help you.  I have to go see my dr every two months for refills.  Which is fine because he wants to monitor me, but I would be pissed if he refused to help me.


This has got to be very difficult.  BPD is intractible and difficult and there are no easy fixes — certainly no antidepressant is going to solve this.   You are both right to be frustrated though, because there is no where near enough help for mental illness in this country, especially if you rely on insurance.  Too many people can’t get the help they need.  It’s a terrible situation and my heart goes out to you.

Linda McCauley

Hope she feels better, she is a strong women!

Mel Charman

I frequently feel the same way.