It may look like vomit now…..but…

It may look like vomit now…..but…

So I’m running around today trying to get a bunch of things done.  Lizze just woke up and so I have a few minutes to myself. 

I have been working on a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for most of the day. 


It may look like vomit now and…..well…it does, but it will look much different in a few hours.  Once everything boils down, the veggies (which you are seeing now) will break down into a really good broth, that doesn’t look like vomit.  🙂

It still has a couple hours of time left to build but everyone loves it, except for Elliott.

This will last for a few days worth of left overs as well. 

I tried some different veggies for today’s batch and so I’m not quite 100% sure how it will turn out. 

Today’s veggie list is short but healthy:

1) Leeks
2) Green Onions
3) Carrots
4) Lentils
5) Flax

Hopefully, my hard work will pay off and 50% of my family will eat this.  Although, there’s 5 of us so 50% may be a bit awkward.  🙂

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I have sadly seen worst in my elementary school when I was a kid, they used a gravy that I didn’t like on the mash potatoes, well I think it was gravy and it had chunks of chicken or a chicken substitute in it.

Cousin Kevin

Haha, I love it. I’m the soup-maker of the house as well. We make sure to always have the ingredients on hand so when it gets later in the month and our supply is low or we are short on cash due to unforeseen circumstances, we always have soup to make that will last as about 5 days worth of dinner or get frozen for a later date. House full of vegetarians (save myself, mostly due to convenience during work) so it’s usually a vegetable soup or broccoli cheddar or loaded potato soup. We’ll have to swap some recipes.


@Cousin Kevin that’s the same  thing for us.  It’s also the way I get the kids to eat their veggies.  🙂

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