Absolutely Must Read – Drunk, angry Immunologist takes on the #vaccine debate

I’m reblogging this because I’ve never seen just a kick-ass response to the anti-vaccine movement.

Please keep in mind that this in no way invalidates those people who have experienced a vaccine related injury. While extremely rare, injuries do happen because there is absolutely no way to know how every single persons body chemistry and genetic makeup will react to a vaccine.

Vaccine injuries are very, very rare but no less tragic.

It’s important not to blur the very fine line between a true vaccine injury and claims that a vaccine causes Autism.

That said, buckle up and enjoy the ride. This is a crazy awesome response………

This was apparently written in response to a anti-vaccine post on Tumbr….


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That was a good one. I needed that to start my morning. I know everyone will be glad that i got my kid the pneumonia vaccine the other day. I know it is not on the list but it is a big step for me. he had to get it to get his IVIG. He gets a flu shot every year as it was not a choice after his bone marrow transplant 9 years ago and the pnumecoccal (the one that you get when you go to college) i got that because he visited his bother so much at college… Read more »

raynette jones
raynette jones

my name is raynette jones and the comment above was from me. it didn’t say my name so i wrote it here.

Girl in Sacremento