I feel pretty darn productive for once -

I feel pretty darn productive for once

Gosh, my day went from morning meltdowns to afternoon trips to the museum to several hours on the phone with AT&T wireless to address a problem and all the way up to manually reinstalling wordpress on my server before bed. 


Lizze and I took the boys to the McKinley Museum this afternoon, courtesy of the 1 year membership my parents got us for Christmas. 

The museum is small but for kid on the Autism Spectrum it’s perfect.  The lights are dim and it’s quiet.  There’s also a ton of hands on things for them to do, as well as a bunch of animals to see and learn about. 

Their favorite part was the science center.  They loved the cool experiments, especially the tornado. 🙂

The boys had a blast and so did Lizze. 

After dinner, Elliott showed us his mad skills in Pikmin 3. Emmett decided that he wants to be called rabbit from now on, which led to Elliott declaring he wants to be called Pikmin.

Everyone went to bed with minimal effort.  I sat with Emmett and Lizze sat with Elliott. 

I’m having an issue with my AT&T phone and so I spent well over 2 hours getting bounced around before finally getting the problem resolved. 

Before I even got off the phone with AT&T, this site was having problems and I spent the rest of the evening taking everything offline so I could rebuild it and hopefully, fingers crossed, fix the issues. 

It’s been a really long day but I feel pretty accomplished. 

Having decided what to do about Lizze’s psychiatrist was a pretty big relief.  We will call and let him know what we decided and thank him for his time. 

I suppose that tomorrow or rather today now, will be spend mentally preparing for Gavin’s IVIG infusion on Friday.  This will be only the 2nd time that I have personally administered this and with his health, anything could go wrong. I need to get myself into a good place so I’m ready to deal with whatever Friday throws at us. 

I hope you all have a really good night, filled with sleeping children and zero wake up calls.  You deserve it. 

Until tomorrow my friends……..

This site is managed almost exclusively from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Please forgive any typos as auto-correct HATES me. 😉

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