#Pitbulls and #Autism – Quashing the Stereotypes

#Pitbulls and #Autism – Quashing the Stereotypes

Elliott is my almost 8 year old with Aspergers.  Maggie is our 6 year old English Staffy (aka Pitbull).  Something that both Elliott and Maggie face quite often are the stereotypes that society assigns to them, bas3d simply upon their breed or diagnosis.

It’s so important that people and even animals not be judged based so let on a stereotype.

Maggie is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She’s very aggressive looking and intimidating but she’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever met. 

Elliott is sweet, compassionate, loving and outgoing. 

If you judge Maggie based solely on her looks, you wouldn’t walk on the same side of the street as her out of fear.  You would also be missing out on the unconditional love she has to offer as well. 

When people judge Elliott based solely on his diagnosis, they miss out one one of the most amazing, sweetest, smartest, most compassionate and selfless kids you’ll ever meet. 

Stereotypes are bad for everyone. 

Maggie certainly looks vicious, doesn’t she?


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Kristen N Boris Krascek

So gorgeous! I love these sort of pics 🙂


Stereotypes are annoying and make for bad story telling.


Maggie looks like she’s just waiting for her chance to attack. ; )

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