Tough Tuesday

Tough Tuesday

Today is going to be a rather challenging day.  That’s not really anything new.  Today however, will be the first time that Emmett will not have speech or OT.

Emmett is a creature of habit and not going to therapy anymore is going to be difficult for him.

Exactly how difficult remains to be seen.
As long as Lizze is feeling well enough to take Elliott and Gavin to therapy, I’ll stay with Emmett.  Anymore he’s glued to my side and hopefully I’ll be able to distract him.

The other downside is that Gavin will be around again because of therapy.  The boys are really struggling with any contact they’ve had with him, regardless of how well behaved Gavin was. 

Luckily we see Dr. Patti in the early evening, so we will be able to help the boys to decompress. 

I hope Tuesday brings you a day that you can manage.  Perhaps I should aim a bit higher but I’ve learned that any day you make it through is a good day. 

All the best.  🙂

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