Gavin’s #IVIG infusion is delayed until we can procure a needle

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As of right now, we still have no solution to the missing needle required for Gavin’s IVIG Infusion this morning. 

Once we arrive at 8 am, I will be able to start making calls and trying to get this resolved. 

My first call will be to our local Walgreens.  They know us and they know our story.  If they can provide us with a means to overcome this problem, that would be far and away, the fastest solution. 


My second call, if the first should fail to procure positive results, will be to the Immunologist’s office.  Perhaps they can call in a script for the needles. Then I can just pick them up at Walgreens.

If the first and second call don’t work, I will be calling the Akron Children’s Hospital, Children’s HomeCare Group. This is who actually provides the supplies and coordinates with the internal pharmacy at Akron Children’s Hospital.  Essentially, they’re the ones that shorted us the needle so perhaps they can provide a solution. 

Either way, Gavin’s IVIG infusion has been met with a delay this morning.  I’m not sure that in and of itself is a really big deal. 

Right now we are still inside a two week overlap.  This overlap should provide us with a safety net, should this delay stretch out into anything longer than just today…..

I will admit that this whole thing does make me very nervous because I don’t like things being outside of our control, especially when it comes to the health, wellbeing or safety of my children. 

This is a lesson learned for me personally as well.  This was our very first shipment and I overlooked the missing needle until last night.  Going forward, I will definitely be much more diligent about making sure we received all of our supplies.

I’ll be sure to let you all know ow how this works out. 

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Lost and Tired

misti0313  thanks.  That’s great advice and it’s actually already worked out.  🙂


Just chalk it up to another “lesson learned”; always doublecheck when the shipment comes. Don’t beat yourself up over this you are in a 2 week overlap, hopefully it will be resolved easily.  If not, well it is not the first time things have been hard; and you have overcome them.  Do not let this ruin your day.