Hello Respite – No kids tonight and need some Netflix movie suggestions

Hello Respite – No kids tonight and need some Netflix movie suggestions

The boys are spending the night with Lizze’s parents and that means Lizze and I are childless tonight.  We’re also broke as a joke at the moment, so that means we won’t be actually doing anything. 

That said, we are going to have a nice quiet evening and just chill out.

A break is a break, no matter how you look at it and we are grateful for the down time. 

Anyone have any good Netflix movie suggestions for us?


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Denise Lambert


Johanna Dunkel

Date night, the Lone Ranger, the secret life of Walter Mitty, meet Dave, the other guys

Devin Smith

I liked “Olympus has Fallen” and “Flight”

Jessica Wesolowski

Tower heist is a funny cheesy movie and I just finished Suits, pretty big fan of it now

Linda McCauley

Labor Day! Good couples movie

Crystal Barnett

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

Yvette Kennedy

Zombie Night

Bria Baetje Long

The Returned. It’s a French series. Think Twin Peaks meets Night of the Living Dead.

Heather Lee-Thomas

The fourth kind.

Cate Brubaker

Is Her on Netflix yet? If it is you should check it out!


Breaking Bad. My husband and I are hooked, no pun intended.

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