#Autism and School – Where’s the disconnect because I’m really frustrated

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The first mistake I made was asking Gavin to clean out school binder this evening.  My second mistake was asking to see the papers before he through them away.

This is one example of what Lizze and I found…



It’s absolutely clear that Gavin didn’t read the directions or he can’t comprehend the directions. I’m honestly not sure which it is. 

This paper is dated the end of January and we are just now saw it.

I can sorta understand how Gavin could forget to show us but why are we not hearing about this from the teacher? Where’s the disconnect?

Perhaps Gavin was told to show us but never did? That’s what was happening in Math if you remember and it certainly isn’t beyond him to purposely forget.

The concern we have is that we learned last week that Gavin is just about failing English/Language Arts.  This would be a really good indication as to why…

Lizze and I are going to have to get to the bottom of this because Gavin is going to fail if we don’t. 

We’ve been distracted a lot lately by a whole bunch of different things and I’m afraid that we’re sorta missing the boat on Gavin’s education because we’ve been so focused on his health. 

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I think the teacher should have contacted you if he was failing so that he could correct the paper so that he would know the material for a test. 

My oldest son will rush through his work too and it drives me bonkers. I hope that he improves but he has ADHD so he doesn’t care sometimes about doing it properly, he just wants it done so he can do something fun.

Autistic Bird

Well, I don’t know what is going on with Gavin, but when I was in school that would have read like gibberish to me. The instructions, that is. There is too much going on on the page, the first page, that is. I would have started jumbling up meanings and grammar rules still are difficult for me to process and absorb at times. But when I was younger, it was horribly difficult. Meaning fell out of words for me and unless someone sat down and would explain things very, very, very explicitly to me in a way I could understand, I would be lost. Even then, the rules sometimes only, in my mind, applied to the very sentences that were on the paper but not elsewhere. I did not make a “generalization” of the rules. I mixed things up frequently as well. Again, I can’t say that’s what Gavin is doing and I’m not. I’m just sharing with you some of what I went through. I do not know what would have helped me in school and made this better. To me, the examples: “The book belongs to Lisa”     “Lisa’s book”   would have all been seen as unrelated words that read without connection to instructions which were saying words like possessive noun phrase which would have read as meaningless to me because the meanings would not make sense to me at time. Possessive             Noun              Phrase      Those words would have been all separate in my mind and I would have to struggle to make them flow together and become a meaningful sentence and many times could not do it.  

I have no idea why the teacher isn’t in contact with you over this stuff because she should be and she also shouldn’t just be writing things like: “READ DIRECTIONS PLEASE!!!” across his papers, which does nothing to help him with whatever it is that he’s having difficulties with. Nothing. It’s not constructive nor encouraging at all. To me I would have seen that as a sort of yelling and thinking I was a bad person and not anything that would have been good for me. A put down, in a way, especially if it were not backed up by positive words to me and further help to help me understand better what may be going on.

I don’t know your situation or Gavin’s, but I certainly hope you can figure something out that will help him more.

Avia Batya


Girl in Sacremento


Girl in Sacremento

I can’t believe i’m the only one listening!