A few way you an help an #Autism or #SpecialNeeds #Family

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lost and Tired  rjones22  thanks Rob. that was nice of you to say. Everyone needs positive encouragement and actually i really hope some one lets me assist because it is like i said before people want to help but might not know what to do, or (like me in this case) I really feel the need to do something good and get out of all my problems. so if someone let me help them it really helps me put my problems/ life aside and focus on something else. thanks Rob

Lost and Tired

rjones22  thanks so much.  You bring up a really good point. Any churches do out reach and want to help because it’s the right thing to do.  

Thanks for being willing to do this for people.  You never cease to amaze me with your selflessness.  You’re an amazing  person.  🙂


great great video. I wanted to let you know that i couldnt here it well at all though. of course it could have been me not being tech savvy but my volume was all the way up and the volumn on the video was all the way up. Just wanted to let you know.

I loved all your ideas. I am so forever grateful to the people that helped me with the very things you spoke about. I also had a lady that would come by once a week and take any library books back to the library. I had a lady that was thinking of my non sick kid at school time and took my older non sick kid clothes shopping for school with her child (his friend) and really took a financial burden as well as the going ot the stores burden off me. I also had a trusted friend that would take my kid to the drs appt that was routine but necessary so i could work and not have to make up the hours missed and have to get overtime as well so instead i was able to spend the evening with my child. If someone would try to get to know the family so the family could trust them with even just one of their children for a break (for the parent and child). 

Rob, If i a correct you don’t do the church thing, but for you and others out there, you dont have to belong to a church, go to a church, or get a sermon when a church person comes to help, call them and ask for assistance. A memeber of a church might love to come do laundry but they don’t know where there is a need. Seriously. Someone might be saying to theirself, I need to help someone, but they dont know you exist. (catholics are good about not giving you a sermon when they come help I have found, raised my kids catholic) . that is something i always stress to people, call a church, ask for the pastor or priest or someone like that. If by chance you do not get a group of five ladies/men on your doorstep ready to help call another one. People love to make meals for people and you could tell the pastor exactly what you need. while my kid was at his sickest, i had a tree fall across my driveway and i made one phone call and then next thing i know there were 10 men that had to be over sixty five and brought chain saws cut the tree into logs and moved them out of the way. Can you imagine how great they felt for them being able to do that? I hope they were like “I’m the man” (in a good way). I surely didnt have money for a tree man, I had to get out of the driveway etc.

I am willing to help if anyone needs help finding that kind of assistance, email me at rsfendley@aol.com and I will research all the churches in your area (just give me your street address) and  I will get the names phone numbers adressess and who for you to talk too. Hope this helps.