We had a massive #meltdown and several threats made tonight

Right after returning home from the park last night, Emmett had a massive, massive meltdown.  Emmett became very upset when he couldn’t find a bottle of water that was frozen solid. 

We sometimes freeze partially filled bottles of water, so we can fill them up the rest of the way with water from the water cooler and it will be ice cold for most of the day. 

Emmett decided that he wanted his water bottle to be completely filled and completely frozen. 

He lost it when this didn’t work out the way he wanted it to.  I had to run to the little boys room and while I was in absentia, Lizze was trying to help Emmett calm down. 

Emmett just lashed out at her.  He threatened to punch her.  He threatened to kick her and it got worse than that.  He threatened to kill her, at least twice.  None of our kids, including Gavin in his worst day, have ever said anything like that to either one of us. 

When I heard this, I rushed out the bathroom and before I could insert myself as backup for Lizze, Elliott ran to me  orderliness hysterical because of what Emmett was saying and how aggressive he was getting with Lizze. 

Lizze wanted to see this through with Emmett and so she sent me downstairs to help settle Elliott down. 

Emmett was so far gone at this point that I don’t believe he even knew why he was upset anymore.  To Lizze’s credit, she remained very calm during this entire ordeal and she handled Emmett really well, especially considering the nature of the words being hurled at her by Emmett. 

We did eventually regain control over the situation and Emmett cooled off as well. 

He apologized to Lizze for the words that he thrown her way only a few hours early.  She hugged him and told him it was okay. 

We spoke to Emmett about some of the things he had said and done. He has to understand that he can’t say things like I’m gonna kill you, without there being consequences. 

On the positive side, we’ve moved past this incident and everyone went to bed in a good mood. 

It’s important to note that Emmett is not a violent kid.  He’s a sweetheart by nature but sometimes he can be one very aggressive and this time was among the worst I’ve seen. 

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sorry yall had to go thru that

Elizabeth Simmons

No fun,

Avia Batya


Beth Temple

I can relate. It’s a full moon, and my little guy is feeling the effects too!