Has #SpecialNeedParenting fried your brain? -

Has #SpecialNeedParenting fried your brain?

I don’t know about you but I seem to forget more and more stuff lately.  Tonight is a prime example of this.  It’s now 1am and I just remembered that the boys need their school clothes washed for school in the morning. 

I should have thought about this 6 hours ago when I could have actually washed them, moved them to the dryer and still made it to bed before the next day began.


Do any of you have the same problem?

Are you so depleted from all things Special Needs Parenting, that your lucky to remember your own name half of the time?

If this sounds like you, guess what? You’re not alone.. 🙂

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I have said for years now that the kids have either stolen my brain or it has turned to mush because there is nothing up there. Be it special needs parenting or simply have 4 kiddos, I operate on auto pilot. I have to write EVERYTHING down or it goes away. I started drinking coffee 3 years ago because it was the only thing that helped keep me going. My kids teachers always say I am such a great parent because I turn everything in so fast. It is because if I don’t do it right away it will never get done. My brain has been fried for years and it is not getting better anytime soon. You are not alone!


yes, i dont even know what i just said sometimes (really a lot).

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