Autonomic Crisis: Akron bound -

Autonomic Crisis: Akron bound

We heard back from the wonderful Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic.  They do not want him to make the trip to Cleveland unless Akron Children’s Hospital transfers him directly. 

They want him to be seen immediately at Akron Children’s Hospital. 

Emmett is going to Lizze’s parents in a few minutes and then we will leave.

It’s important to note that while his heart rate is elevated,  he is otherwise a-symptomatic, meaning he has no other outward symptoms. 

However,  the concern is that his body is obviously trying to compensate for something,  hence the 130 bpm.  Kids tend to compensate quite well but than go down hill very rapidly.  This is what we are seeking to avoid or at least be in the right place when it happens.

Gavin’s tantrum this morning maybhave been the catalyst to push things over the edge.  However,  something has been brewing for the past couple of days.

Continued thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hang in there guys! All the thoughts with you.

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