What time do your kids get up? -

What time do your kids get up?

Emmett John is once again my little sleep blocker. Yesterday he was up and ready for the day at 4am. Today is a little better because he slept until 5:30am.

Regardless, it’s still really early and I wish he would sleep in, so I could as well. 

What time do your kids get up?


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Lisa M Moscatello

‘sleep in’? what’s that? 😉

Cindy Schultz Gilbert

This Morning Kyle was up at 5! Usually its around 730

Carolyn Delas- Pasquarella

They don’t want to m-f it’s a battle but on weekends they can be up at 7am.

LaTonya Banks

He wakes up at 6:30 on school mornings.. And idk wht time on weekends.. He’s becoming more independent.. We measure out cereal and leave it on the table for him to be able to do stuff alone.. And he does fine while we sleep… Very proud of our son

Dawn Richardson Milligan

My 6 year old goes to sleep really well now but no matter what time he goes to bed he is generally up at 4:30

Marcus Harris Ila Adkins

My 3 year old stays up until like 1am. wakes up about 3, stays awake until about 4-5. Then up again at around 7. He doesn’t nap. So, no… I don’t sleep in. lol

Ladonna Johnson

My son started melatonin about nine months ago. That is when he started sleeping through the night. About three months ago he said he didn’t need it anymore, he was right. He has always liked to sleep 12 hours and now he does it all at once! It took me a few months, since it had been years since I slept through the night.

Jodi Pasket-Loew

Not anymore.


Other than the occasional 4:30am wake up, usually wake up times are between 6am and 7:30am

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