The boys and I accomplished our goal for this morning -

The boys and I accomplished our goal for this morning

The boys and I met up with my Mom and we went on what turned out to be a 2 mile long adventure.  We walked on the track and even took a few paths through the woods. 

All the boys did great.  That includes Gavin.  He followed the rules and stayed safe the entire time.  He wasn’t allowed to go the last time because he hadn’t listened the previous trip.  This time however, he got a high five for awesome choices. 

I will say that it was frickin cold outside.  It was actually about 18°F when we began. 

The only hangup we had was with Emmett and his determination to walk the balance beam, without any help.  He tried so hard but it was really windy and he couldn’t make it all the way across. 

He sorta got stuck on the idea of completing that come hell or high water. In this case, it was come hell or subfreezing temperatures. We would move past this and we were stuck there for almost 20 minutes before he was finally willing to move on. 

Elliott and Gavin were really cold but very patient. 

Here’s some pictures from out adventure and a satellite view of the path we took, along with some stats. 




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Dana Martin Quesinberry

What are you using to track with that includes altitude? That’s just cool to me, for some reason.


My hat is off to all of you. Good gravy,19 degrees.


Eh. Cold or not – nothing wrong with a little determination.

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