I'm behind the eight ball on updates. Let's get caught up -

I’m behind the eight ball on updates. Let’s get caught up

I don’t know if I mentioned this already but I took the boys to the park yesterday. Guess who joined us? Lizze did.  That’s right! Lizze dragged herself out of bed and joined us for what turned into a two mile adventure. 

Of course, she’s paying for it now and can’t get out of bed due to pain but it was awesome to have her with us on the journey. 


After the park, Lizze’s Mom picked up the boys and they spent the night. 

Lizze and I had a night to ourselves.  We decided to made it a poor man’s date night and got some cheap take out and hung out on the couch watching season 3 of Tosh.0…….

Fast forward and the boys just arrived home.  I have to feed them lunch and take Emmett to get new shoes.  Trying to find Emmett new shoes is going to be extremely challenging because of how sensory sensitive he is.  Shoes and socks are one of our biggest struggles…..

At the time of writing, Lizze has two hours left in bed before I wake her up and we venture out on our mission to put shoes on Emmett’s feet. 

All in all I’m feeling pretty good myself.  I suppose I would have enjoyed a quiet house a little longer buts it’s always nice to have my family under the same roof. 

That’s about it….. I have a few updates that are in regards to me personally but I’ll save them for another post…….

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Lost and Tired

Oh… She hangs out with the boys, she just can’t leave the house much…..

Lorena Polinesi

🙂 nice to see lizzi hang out with the boys ! Hugs

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