Super Awesome News – Gavin finally got his vocabulary test back today

Gavin finally got his vocabulary test back from the week before Spring Break.  He’s been really anxious to learn about his grade.  Myself on the other hand,  I was a bit nervous because that was a really bad week for him and he’s really been struggling….

That being said, Gavin had a surprise for us when I picked him up from school.

I made him wait to show me until we got home because I was driving.  When  we did get home, this is what I was presented with…. 🙂

So awesome and so proud……… Great job Gavin.  I knew you had it in you…..


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Unless he had a word bank to work from, I would have allowed him the ‘abrupt politicians’ for at least half a mark! 🙂

Jude Leobold

I knew that you could do it!

Janet Meliti

Way to go Gavin.

Trish Morrin

Awesome job Gavin . My Khai got Acheiver of the week here, so proud .

Rukna Begum Miah

Well done Gavin!

Cyn Lucena

Great job Gavin!!

Michelle Petzold

Yay Gavin!

Kimberly Ann Miller

Great job


He did a great job.  🙂