I'm not doing much better today folks -

I’m not doing much better today folks

I’m still kinda struggling today.. To be honest… I’m really struggling.  I have so much on my mind and so much on my plate that I’m getting headaches and feeling nauseous.

We got off to a rough start this morning because I overslept.  Emmett was complaining of a tummy ache and so he ended up staying home.  Elliott and Gavin got to school in time for breakfast and we’re super cooperative.  Thanks boys…

Lizze didn’t sleep last night as a result of fricking menopause again. She’s sleeping right but the plan is that she will be up around noon so I can sneak off for an hour and get a few miles in before it rains.


I’ve really been pushing myself to exercise and if I stop, I’m afraid that I will lose my motivation because I’m not super motivated right now.

I keep talking about the stress associated with special needs parenting because it’s such a very really thing.  For me right now, the stress feels like someone parked a car on my chest.  It’s difficult to really expand upon that because that’s really how it feels for me. I suppose I could add that I feel a sense of panic, as though at any moment, the ground underneath my feet could give way. 

My goal is to really push myself to walk 3 miles today.  I know that it will help to clear my head and give me a much needed energy boost.

Things will one day get better.  

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Dennis Mashue

I’ve found that reciting the following words rapidly, in order, usually cheers me up a bit:
Maybe add a wee bit of Irish accent, for full effect.

Avia Batya



I hope that you feel better. Instead of your normal 3 miles, try varying it up and just doing a mile today. It is still exercise and maybe you can add some easy strength training at home (sit ups, planking, push ups, jumping jacks).

Kim Kennedy

You have a lot of support. Stay strong and keep your head up. Everything your worried about right now as far as the future goes…you cannot predict it, you cannot change the future Rob, you must create it. Things will get better and you will get out of it. We have all been there and as they say…this too shall pass my friend.


I hear you about the feelings of anxiety. I only have one special needs child and it causes me terrible strain. You are so right about exercise though it will help in the long run. It’s hard to drag yourself to do it though when life is so hard. I hope the rest of the week pans out better and that you get some rest soon too.

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