My Heartache: My son shares his hallucinations with all of us

My Heartache: My son shares his hallucinations with all of us

I wanted to let you into my world a little bit tonight and share with you why my heart is breaking and I’ve been worried sick.  It’s really difficult for me to focus on anything else….

Gavin is bravely sharing what he’s been experiencing since yesterday. 

It’s easy to think that he’s just got an overactive imagination.. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. This is something that is very real for him and just as real as his interactions with people in real life. 

This is schizophrenic related hallucination and as far as Gavin’s concerned, these things are actually happening and he’s actually visiting these places. 

I can’t express the amount of heartache I’m feeling.  It’s important to know that it’s very, very possible that we are out of medication related options for this.  There isn’t anything we can do right now. 

On the plus side, he’s happy. On the sorta creepy side, pay attention to what he says at the very end of the video. 

Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers….

My son talks about his hallucinations:

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J J Norwood Artal

My son has elaborate stories that he shares like this with us, it sounds almost exactly like your son’s story: my son is an active participant, he has powers (so do others), multiple characters from multiple shows are the other players in the show (Power Rangers, Scooby Doo, the Power Puff girls, etc.), the stories can be very elaborate, etc. After lots of teaching and working with him, he understands that this world is “fake” (he now calls it his Fake World show) and he is using his imagination to make these stories (usually using plot lines he has tweeked or stolen from some other show he has watched). We give him permission to be in the Fake World some, and there are times when he has to participate in the Real World. This may or may not be helpful to you or something that you find would work for your son, but I wanted to share that you are not alone in this experience and NONE of my son’s doctors have found this to be schizo-associative in any way. 🙂 If that helps at all. PS My son is now 19 and high functioning. Feel free to contact me back if I can be of any help at all.

Lorena Polinesi

Is hearbreacking to watch his happiness , he’s more comfortable in his imaginary world , I can relate that feeling , but he have to interact socially too , my uncle’s schizophrenic is fustrating can’t connect with someone you love , a lot of hugs ! And hope Elliot is feeling a little better

Kimberly Ma'maw Smith-Leonard Schmalenberger

My son used to be OBSESSED with Muppets and my grandson (also ASD) becomes super fixated on movie characters and such and will go into what I call “movie mode” where he is acting out the movie rather than interact when he is uncomfortable but as of yet, it has not seemed to cross over to this level yet… our prayers are with you and your family

Lost and Tired

Jenny A Marshman-Holloway yes I am

Kimberly Ma'maw Smith-Leonard Schmalenberger

Very difficult for sure. I am rather new here, are you aware that other than Sonic, the names he mentions are all My Little Pony Names?

Jenny A Marshman-Holloway

My son was diagnosed with Autism PDD at age 4 and started hallucinating at age 8 when he was. 9 he started getting really aggressive and of course everyone said it was from the autism . 13 hospitalizations later and working with NIHs childhood schizophrenia unit Kole now 18 was diagnosed with schizoaffective his was very alike your sons until he turned 18 now his psychosis has changed do dramatically we’ve had to change meds and he is very frightened where it was real for him like your son . Now he’s extremely frightened and knows usually when bits happened. Just some insight for when he gets older. You can keep in touch I’ve been doing this as a single mum since he was 18 mos .

Mary Haywood

Heartbreaking to watch. I’m so sorry. I wish you could find the help he needs :/

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