This has been one of the roughest days I can remember

This has been one of the roughest days I can remember

It’s really been a trying day.  I’m so frustrated with Gavin and at the same time, worried sick. He once again clogged the toilet and left us without a working bathroom for the entire day. 

He kept complaining because he couldn’t use the bathroom and I found that incredibly ironic and unbelievably annoying.

Gavin’s the only one continually clogging the toilet to the point where it takes the better part of the day to get it working.  With everything he’s been doing lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing this in purpose. I’m not saying he is, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be too surprised if he was.


Lizze’s appointment went pretty well. 

I took care of Gavin’s IVIG Infusion by myself and it went really well.  It took about an hour and he tolerated it much better at the half dose than doing it all at once. 

Elliott’s pretty sick now.  Maybe he caught it at the pediatrician’s office yesterday? He’s completely congested, still has a sore throat and now has a nasty cough.  It figures that while trying to make sure he didn’t have strep throat, we made things worse.

I’m so tired and worn out.  I didn’t get a chance to walk today but I’m hoping to get out in the morning after I go grocery shopping. 

Lizze went to bed about 7:30pm this evening because she hasn’t been sleeping well at all.

As for myself, I’m going to watch some stuff on Netflix and spend some time on my own. I’ve been so stressed out today that I haven’t really had a chance to just relax.. With the boys in bed, I have that chance now…..

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April Roga

I told you yesterday on Twitter (@burstingautism), and I will say it again … if there is a specific need that you have, and we (the autism community can help), please call upon us. Name it and we shall try to get what you need!!!! That is what your extended autism family is here for 😉

Jude Leobold

Always in my heart…I think of you often. I have been blessed enough that my granddaughter works in a home for severely autistic teens. You know how my heart feels

Sarah Champion

Now that my boys are older, I find myself getting very greedy about those “moments to yourself”. I can’t get enough now….it’s gone the other way…Well done for getting through the day..

Avia Batya



I hope you can get some rest the weekend! Take care of yourself.

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