It could be worse. At least he still has one foot in reality

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Gavin’s been really focused on his visibly challenged friends today.  He keeps leaving to go to his room because Twilight Princess keeps calling him for help. 

He just informed me that when he walked upstairs, he saw Twilight flying all around the giant robot. 

For those that don’t know, the giant robot is a place where Gavin sorta oversees the world’s he visits.  It’s sorta like a batcave that only he can see.


He’s been talking to me about this almost constantly today. 

Was able to go walking this morning and the moment I wanted in, he wanted to update me on how Twilight Princess was doing……

It’s really heartbreaking to hear all of this from him but I listen to him anyways, unless the other boys are around.  I figure that it’s sorta like him telling me about his day.  At times however, I do make him stop talking abut it because I just need a break……

Hopefully, this will pass and he will come back to reality.  Right now, his life is a blend of real and imaginary…. He still has one foot in real life so it could be worse…….

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I know exactly where you’re coming from, as our eldest (our Aspie) spends a lot of time in his little world, too, often playing the hero, rescuing Princess Leia, Zeta, Rainbow Dash or some other female character…


Rob, I know it is weird when some one says “I dont know how you do it” because you just do. Hang in there and I won’t say “I dont know how you do it”