Why I'm worrying a little less right now -

Why I’m worrying a little less right now

You know something? I’m all about having one less thing to worry about. Usually I find myself adding to that list rather and deleting items from it. 

Why am I worry a little less today? Simple.  Gavin’s new supplies showed up this morning and while they still own us a some Gammagard for later in the month, it will be here next week. 

We are officially rocking the correct setup now for Gavin’s twice a week IVIG Infusions.

This is a pretty big relief because we were out of everything and that coincided with a significant change to everything.  Any mistakes would have been really distressing… I gotta hand it to Akron Children’s Hospital for once again helping me take care of my family. 


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I am so grateful that you didnt have to deal with the stress this time. my son goes for his ivig on the 4-22. it will be his second one. the first time he didnt have any complications which i was glad about but ended up spending 10 days in the hosptial for mrsa infection as his mouth ulcers were infected. no mouth ulcers since he came home last friday and it has been 5 days that he has been without mouth ulcers and that is the best he has done in 8 years

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