Here’s some truly amazing news

I was pretty preoccupied yesterday with all the Gavin drama and I neglected to share this bit of super awesome news about Emmett. 

When I picked him up from school yesterday, his teacher pulled us aside to let us know that Emmett had been struggling a bit because he was so upset about what happened with Gavin earlier that day.

He recovered and ended up having an absolutely fantastic day.

In fact, we learned something new and exciting about Emmett.  Apparently, they’ve been pulling Emmett into the 1st grade groups be sure he so far ahead of the his kindergarten class.  Turns out, he’s also ahead of the first graders as well. 

He’s been answering questions that first graders are able to and he does it without any effort….

We are so proud of him.  I mean, we’re always proud of him but that’s something really special.  His teachers wanted to acknowledge his efforts, so they sent him home with this little certificate……

For all of Emmett’s struggles, he’s doing so well in school……


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I read your blog a bunch of posts at a time, and I click in to an individual post and then go directly from post to post to catch up. Recently you’ve reblogged a couple of things from 2011, and after I read those and clicked along, it kept me in 2011 (took me about 10 posts to realise, doh!).

It would be so great if 2011 Rob could see this post – you were really worried about Emmett and his communications skills and what he was going to be capable of. Look at him now 🙂

Lorena Polinesi



Are you going to skip him ahead?


wow that is so amazing. I am so proud of him


Well done Emmett ! Keep up the good work !