We had some #Sensory slow down this morning

This morning was a rough one for sure.  What I didn’t share was how Emmett was upset because he was the only one going to school today. 

Unfortunately, that led to Emmett having a meltdown because his shoes and socks didn’t feel right.

Emmett is extremely sensory sensitive and his biggest challenge is shoes and socks, at least as far as clothing is concerned. Food is a huge issue as well but that not what we’re talking about now is it….

When we put socks on Emmett, they can’t just be tight.  They have to be super duper tight.  If they aren’t, they don’t feel right. Same goes for his shoes as well.  They have to be cranked really tight or else he gets really upset and won’t wear them. 

We’ve taken to buying him toddler socks because while they are really small, they feel really tight on his feet and that makes him happy.

We weren’t having much luck this morning and so I did the only thing I could… That’s right, I bribed him. 

I told him that on the way home, we would get a Frosty from Wendy’s.  It worked and he was willing to let me try his shoes and socks just one more time..

God must have taken mercy on both myself and Emmett because I managed to get him comfortable in his shoes and socks…

Was it worth it in the end? You tell me….


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Lorena Polinesi

🙂 yummy !!!


Hey Rob, have you tried hiking boot style shoes with metal hooks that help lace up? You hook the laces over these bent metal prongs and that way you can crank the laces really, really tightly – way tighter than with a normal running shoe. Another way you could get tightness around his feet could be with an ASO ankle brace: http://www.bestinsoles.com/assets/images/aso2.jpg
They are supposed to support your ankle and upper calf, but you might be able to fashion something using the parts of the brace to give him compression. You could probably also do this with a tensor bandage, but you’d have to make sure there are no wrinkles? I have chronically bad ankles so I know a ton of ways to have a tight feeling around feet/ankle areas.. maybe if you tried something a little extra it would help. I don’t know how Emmet would react to something between his shoes and socks though – just hoping I could help. 
Long time lurker, first time commenter by the way – wanted to wish you guys the best.


Every parent on earth (special needs or not) has been there and done that….there are times you just have to suck it up and do what you gotta do. I think for everyone involved it was a very well worth it “incitement”.


“motivated” Rob, not “bribed” 🙂