#Autism Parenting: Picking the BEST of the WORST options

We have therapy for the boys tonight but Lizze isn’t feeling well and she will probably stay behind. It will likely be the boys and I heading out tonight.

Tonight’s focus is going to be on school for Elliott and Emmett. We have to figure something out because while the boys like school, they’re also miserable at the same time, albeit for different reasons.

This needs to be a very serious discussion about our options. I’m hoping Lizze feels up to going but but if not, we’ve discussed it amongst ourselves already and have reached a consensus. We both agree that the status quo isn’t in the best interest of the kids. What we do about it is where we become less sure of ourselves.

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At this point, I feel like we have three options:

  1. We do nothing and work on improving their current situation (if it’s possible)
  2. Look into other schools
  3. Homeschool

There are upsides and downsides to all three options. It’s our job to figure out the best option and do our best to make it work. The problem is that there are really no good options. We have to pick the best of the worst options and that sucks.