A little stressed today

A little stressed today

Today is going to be one of the longest days ever.  It goes like this…

Take the boys to school, Lizze to the psychologist, Lizze to the psychiatrist, get the boys from school and then take them to therapy.

Since Lizze can’t really drive, I will be a glorified chauffeur today. 


I’m a bit stressed out because gas is really low right now in the van and I only have a few dollars to out into the tank…

I don’t mind driving everyone everywhere but it means that I fall another day behind on everything else……

The boys may get picked up from school by my Mom and that will be a huge help…… With any luck, this will keep me from running around like a chicken with its head cut off……

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Jo-Anne Gorski

I hear you

Avia Batya


Ladonna Johnson

It seemed liked we lived in our car for a couple of years because therapy and doctor appointment.. it has calmed down some but there are still months when my son needs to see the specialists.

Philippa Connell

Psychologist and psychiatrist in one day is quite a handful! My partner finds both absolutely exhausting

Lost and Tired

Yes it is…. Yes it is…

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