Please, Please watch @hollyrpeete address #Autistic becoming the new R-Word

Please watch and help to make sure that people, including Rappers and Singers don’t start using the word Autistic and the new R-word. Holly Robinson Peete explains what it felt like when her 15 year old son with Autism, asked what the lyrics of rapper Drake’s song, “Jodeci Freestyle” meant.

Holly Peete

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  • melissardh says:

    What he wrote is ignorant, and on TOP of that what she mentioned, that this is a HUGE issue 1:50 children and that it is not a little niche thing…. I’m sorry………. would it be better he said that if it were a more rare condition?  Or one that perhaps doesn’t effect your child?  !ould that make it alright  to put another down?. ALSO wrong choice of wording IMO.  Putting someone down while you are on a pedestal  to make yourself feel that much bigger is just the epitome of what is wrong with people in society today, no matter if it is 1:50 or just 1.