It's going to be a really long and arduous day -

It’s going to be a really long and arduous day

Today is a crazy morning and we have a ton of stuff going on.  First of all,  the boys have no school today and that means there’s more to deal with.

We also have Gavin’s IVIG Infusion this morning. 

Elliott and Emmett seem to have a limitless amount of energy because they are already sorta driving us crazy, as they literally bounce off of everything in sight.

Lizze is struggling today because the phantom smell migraine has returned. 


What happens is she begins smelling something that isn’t there.  Usually it’s cigar smoke. This smell triggers a devastating migraine and really puts her under the weather..

This phantom smell is a recognized phenomenon that is linked to migraines as well as seizures.. In Lizze’s case it’s a precursor to a really, really bad migraine.  Unfortunately, the smell remains during the migraine, making it even more painful.

The house is a mess and we aren’t even close to being ready for Easter…

I’m feeling a bit a pressure right now because there is a ton of things that need my attention and quite a few of those things are going to be disappointed because I will likely not get to them.

Today is one of those days that I’m going to have to remain focused on the absolute most important things. Gavin’s infusion has to be the priority today.

Unfortunately, everything else will have to take a back burner for now because there’s only one of me and one of me isn’t enough to attend to everything that needs my attention….

It’s going to be a really long and arduous day…

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can she try to have some lavendar oil on hand on a cotton ball to smell to try to get the other smell to go away. you probably already thought of this

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