I looks like our Easter plans have been flushed down the toilet -

I looks like our Easter plans have been flushed down the toilet

It looks as though our Easter plans have been flushed down the toilet.  Well not our toilet because it’s still Gavin clogged.

Elliott is sick now.  He’s having some tummy problems and doesn’t want to go anywhere.  I can’t say as I blame him…

My thinking at this point is that we will just have a quiet day at home and just take it easy because the boys have school in the morning and Gavin has another infusion as well.

This sucks for a variety of reasons.


I hate that Elliott’s not feeling well. I’m also disappointed that we won’t get to see anyone today.  As you can imagine, we don’t get out much and we were all looking forward to visiting with our family…. 

At the end of the day, it is what it is and there’s no use getting upset about it. 

It’s vastly more important that Elliott rest and be able to return to school in the morning because they have testing this week.

Emmett’s gonna be disappointed as well and he’s already having a rough day. Most of the morning so far has been filled with Emmett having meltdowns. I’m not sure what’s going in with him but maybe he’s also not feeling well.

I hope you all have a better day than what we’re having… 😉

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