After this morning, I’m devoid of all energy

This was a rough morning.  Gavin and Elliott did really well but Emmett struggled. 

Emmett’s struggle had nothing to do with behaviors.  He was very sensory oriented this morning and  I think felt right on him. 

Today was wear a hat to school day and Emmett wanted to wear his Mickey Mouse hat.  The problem was that he wanted the hat to be super tight in his head and because it was so tight, it kept slipping off of his head. 


His socks weren’t tight enough and his shoes made his feet feel funny. 

What made this so difficult for me was the fact that he wasn’t just telling us this, he was screaming it at the top of his lungs. 

OMG…… It was a totally exhausting morning and I’m now devoid of all energy.

I did manage to get Emmett to school but it wasn’t even close to being easy.. I’m praying that he’s feeling better right now and that this didn’t set the tone for his day…….

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Raynette Jones

i know you wish he didnt have such a hard time and i know it is frustrating for you as well hope the rest of the week goes better