Another rough morning for my #Sensory sensitive kiddo

Emmett had a rough morning.  He was doing fine until it was time to get dressed.  Today he did great with his pants and shirt but had a complete meltdown over his shoes and socks. 

He actually has sensory friendly seemless socks and they are generally tolerated pretty well.


The problem is that they don’t feel tight enough for him.  He also likes to pull them up really high on his legs but they eventually slide back down and that set him off….. Lizze and I both had to kick into overdrive in order to help him better tolerate this stuff today. 

I easily spent 30 minutes just on his shoes and socks before Lizze took over and tried to work her Mommy magic. 

After countless attempts, we finally managed to get him to be okay with both his shoes and his socks.  Needless to say that it was exhausting for all involved but worth it I guess because he went to school happy. 

I’m thinking that we may actually need to look into compression socks.  We’ve never tried those and they are very tight.  The problem will be finding them in his size…..

Hopefully his day goes better than it started off…. 
It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see your child or any child for that matter, go though something like this. 

I believe that so many people take the simple act of getting their child dressed for granted.  What should take no more than a few minutes, turns into a daily battle that can last upwards of an hour, result in massive meltdowns, cause increased stress levels and end with everyone totally exhausted….

Be grateful if you don’t understand what this is like… 🙂

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Raynette Jones

He could be feeling the tension in the house with what is going on with gavin right now and he is expressing it this way. i know he has sensory issues but stress would seem to make that worse.

megan Kitchen

Will he do shoes without socks? Soren will randomly revert to that for weeks at a time, I have decided that as long as he has SOMETHING on his feet, we are all happy. Its just not worth the fight. For a while he wasn’t wearing shoes in the classroom either to make him more comfortable, so that might be something to talk to the teacher about if thats what works for him.

Lost and Tired

He won’t wear shoes without socks….. I totally agree with you about the whole picking of battles thing. I think your approach is awesome….