I'm heartbroken because my kids are hurting -

I’m heartbroken because my kids are hurting

I’m going to try to go to bed as soon as the kids do. I’m absolutely exhausted. The boys had therapy tonight and we spent a large part of that time brain storming ideas on how to help them make it through the school day.

The kids are struggling and they tend to struggle a great deal more when they’re at school.

I can’t fix what’s causing them pain and I can’t answer the questions they want answers to. All I can do is help them to learn the skills needed to better cope with all of this and make sure they have a safe environment where they can speak freely with their therapist.

I’m overwhelmed by their struggles, so I can’t imagine how they feel.

When we got home, everyone sorta went to their own corner and decompressed. Everyone was stressed out. It’s frustrating for me because they come to me with their problems and I appreciate that, but they need to open up during therapy because their therapist can help them where I’m unable to.

Progress and healing is happening at an excruciatingly slow pace but there’s no timeframe for things like this.

I’m just exhausted, overwhelmed and heartbroken because my kids are hurting and zincsnt take away their pain.

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I do think you are being way too hard on yourself. However, I have some quick thoughts just to provide an outside perspective.

Is there anything that can go on Emmett’s sores for short therm pain relief?

Do boys have any favorite school activities that would provide them extra motivation over their misery? If you knew what days those things were it would be something to aim for on those days.

Also: school has to provide the very best learning environment for your kids, or cooperate with you with such. Do they need a special class at school? Or extra tutoring? Schools are supposed to make that happen. They don’t necessarily WANT TO, as I found out with my youngest. I had to fight for a tutor and then, she wasn’t a very good person.

We are all rooting for you.


*short term pain relief

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