OMG….. Are you sure it’s not Monday?

This morning was a rough one.  Gavin was acting creepy, Elliott had an anxiety induced mini-meltdown and Emmett had a full blown sensory related meltdown.  Lizze and I struggled to get Elliott and Emmett dressed and out the door.

Gavin was really cooperative in regards to getting ready for school but not so much when it came to respecting Lizze’s personal space.

Elliott was mostly dressed and so he had been playing Pikmin.  He was fighting a bad guy and getting anxious because he knew he was running out of time to finish.  We had to call him into the kitchen to take his morning meds and he just totally freaked out. 

We were able to talk him through it before get got too too worked up.

Emmett on the other hand was an absolute handful.  His pants didn’t feel right and his shirt was too long. 


Emmett has to have his clothes in a certain way.  His shirts cannot hang past his waistline or he won’t wear it.  If his pants touch his foot or God forbid the floor, they’re too long and he won’t wear them. It doesn’t matter if his clothes just need adjusted in order to fit him correctly.  Once he perceives that something is wrong, it’s all over. 

Once it’s all over,  we’ve pretty much lost him until he purges…….

The only thing that saved us today was the fact that my Mom is picking the boys up from school today because we have an emergency appointment with Dr. Reynolds for Gavin and he wanted to be picked up by Grandma…

As it stood, we were already 15 minutes late and by the time we finally got the boys to school, they were 20 minutes late for breakfast. 

Lizze and I are sitting in the parking lot of Dr.  Pattie as we wait to meet with her in order to discuss Gavin before she sees him tonight. 

My hope for the day is somewhat lower than it was prior to living through this morning.  That being said, we did live through it and everyone did make it to school.  I suppose that would be the silver lining or the glimmer, as one of my readers calls it..  🙂

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