My ears are still ringing from this mornings meltdowns

Emmett had a massive meltdown this morning. Remarkably it had nothing to do with getting dressed.  Instead this was an issue related to his need for perfection. 

He decided that he wanted to make his teacher a card because he loves her so much.  While making the card, he didn’t write his name well enough, at least in his eyes.  We managed to convince him to color over it and write it somewhere else. 

He didn’t like it the second time either and just lost it. 


I believe that this is also a sensory related issue as well.  It’s related to how he perceives things and this is a constant never ending struggle. 

Either way, my ears are still ringing from him screaming directly into my ears on separate occasions. 

When he screams, it’s absolutely piercing and makes your eardrums feel like someone’s jammed an ice pick straight through them… It’s awful…

Thankfully, he worked through this before he left for school. Thank God for small favors…..

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Raynette Jones

i wish there was noice cancelling earphones that still let you hear


As an autism teacher I know this one well. We write the inside of the card on a paper insert then glue it in. Sometimes we have to write a LOT before we can choose a favourite but it separates the effort put into the outside from the writing. I love that his teacher is such a positive influence!

Lost and Tired

Thank you for sharing. That’s a great idea. Also, I wanted to thank you for teaching our kids.. 🙂