Organizing Gavin's IVIG supplies -

Organizing Gavin’s IVIG supplies

Organizing Gavin’s medical spies is something that I spent some time yesterday taking care of.  We received our new shipment of supplies for Gavin’s twice a week IVIG infusions.

This is a pile of infusion kits that I put together.

Each kit contains everything needed to preform 1 IVIG infusion.  The only things missing are the actual Gammagard (because it needs refrigerated) and the pump used to push the meds.

Gavin receives 8 IVIG infusion per month and it saves time, energy and a bit of my sanity to have everything ready to go. 


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Raynette Jones

glad you got your supplies. my son had his second ivig on 4-22 and goes back on may 22. GREAT NEWS is my son has not had but one mouth ulcer since we started the ivig (which you know is a horrifically painful thing he has had to deal with). It is a miricle and I pray that it keeps working. he has not been ulcer free in 8 years. he is only 21 years old so he has not been pain free of mouth ulcers since he was 13. he has been in horrific pain for 8 years as his mouth ulcers were constant and at least 5 at a time and went down his throat.

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