Swift Justice and Natural Consequences

Swift Justice and Natural Consequences

So I surprised the boys with Red Rope Licorice while picking them up from school. Everyone was excited until Emmett began freaking out because his was cut into 3 pieces and Elliott’s was cut into 2.

Emmett likes things to be the same. 

Lizze quickly defused it by telling Emmett that he just gets more pieces.  Elliott joined in and helped by saying, Emmett you’re lucky because you have 3 pieces and I only got 2.


Emmett was happy with that and was able to overlook the fact that nothing matched. 

However, it was short lived because the moment Emmett calmed down, Gavin decided to brag that his was cut into 4 pieces and that’s more than Emmett’s 3.

He was purposefully poking the bear. 

This is the kind of stuff that he does to create chaos and since last night, he’s become a bit bolder and actually did this in front of me. 

Guess who lost their 4 pieces of Red Rope Licorice? That was swift justice and a natural consequence for trying to create chaos.  This is really the only way to handle this particular situation.

He’s not really happy right now but knowing him, he’ll move past it and on to something else. 

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Raynette Jones

i wish i knew what to say to help. it is “normal” for kids to tease each other which could have been what this was but everyone is on high alert with Gavin so unfortunately he will not get a break, and your other kids are fragile emotionally as well so you cant give Gavin a break. what a freaking night mare. I am sorry getting them a treat ended up going wrong. sometimes it seems we cant ever get it right. But we do. Sometimes it does work out good. keep trying. Sorry the kids and your self were upset. you had to do what you had to do.

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