Our plans changed once again…and is it really frustrating

The Cleveland Clinic has been rescheduled because Lizze was up puking last night.  There’s no way she could make the trip and without her there, we have to reschedule.

Physically making the trip is risky for Gavin and Lizze needs to be there in case something happens..
With her being sick, it’s simply not worth the risk for a follow up appointment. 


If it were one of the other boys I would just go alone because they don’t have the same health issues that make Gavin so medically fragile.

I’m not angry with anyone, especially Lizze.  It’s not her fault that she’s sick. It’s just  really frustrating that things are so complicated that one slight problem and everything comes to a screeching hault.

I suppose it’s all for the best because I really didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m not in the best place to make the drive…. I guess that’s the silver lining……

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Jennifer Reid

Hope it all works out for the best. Chalk it up to Divine Intervention, you never know what you were saved from. Perhaps you were spared from a car accident or some other trauma that would have drastically changed your Life not just your schedule…there was a meme that went around with a similar message – Along the lines of don’t be mad when you are running late to get out the house, or forget something and have to turn around and go get it, or miss a flight and have to catch another etc, you were being saved from some other accident that had you been “on Time” would have been a disaster.

I try to remember that when I am freaking out, running around trying to get out the door or get somewhere = it works 50 percent of the time <3

Lost and Tired

That’s such a good way to look at things. I honestly try to do the same thing. Maybe I get cut off or stuck in traffic, but instead of get upset, I try to think that maybe this saved me from a disaster. I look at this as Devine intervention, as you so eloquently put it. 🙂

Thanks for sharing…