Made a trip to Akron Children’s Hospital today

Made a trip to Akron Children’s Hospital today

Haven’t done one of these is forever. Elliott and Emmett both had well checks today at Akron Children’s Hospital. This was basically playing a bit of catchup as a result of COVID.

Elliott needed a physical for school this year and Emmett just needed a physical because it was time for him to have a physical.

They did great and both boys needed vaccines. Emmett needed both HPV and flu, while Elliott just needed his flu shot. Emmett claimed that the HPV shot hurts worse than the flu shot. This was his second HPV dose, so he has experienced it before. I was calling bullshit on that claim so we put it to the test.

The nurse didn’t tell him which shot was which and Emmett was supposed to tell us which one was the HPV and which one was the flu shot. I’ll be damned if he couldn’t tell the difference immediately. He identified the HPV vaccine before she pulled the needle out of his arm. Color me corrected, because he wasn’t just guessing either. He knew right away which was which and that’s impressive.

Anyway, they’re both in good shape and doing well. Emmett is getting back into physical therapy but aside from that, nothing new.

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